Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a difference training makes

So, I write this not from a romantic vacation with my husband, but at home. *sigh* My husband has some work issues pop up, which means we couldn’t go celebrate. Don’t worry-we had a great weekend together, regardless of missing the trip.

Not going meant I got to go to my TNT training Saturday, which was really nice. I had 13 on scheduled, so it was great to know I was training in a group. Two weeks ago, a woman was grabbed in broad daylight off the trail I frequent. Lucky, a person who lived nearby heard her screaming and she was unharmed and the man was caught, but since the news broke, husband has been VERY adamant that I no longer run solo.  Very sweet and caring, but kind of hinders the ole training.

I was a bit nervous to take on 13 miles. After my first half marathon, I was pretty defeated. Sure, I did it, sure, I finished, and sure, I lived, but there were a few points in the last two miles that I wanted to give up, cry, or just lay down and go to sleep.

This 13 miles was completely different. We started bright and early at 7am on the trail (which means I am up by 5:30—blah—I am so not an early morning person) and the air had this beautiful fall chill to it.  Armed with Olga (Helga the Garmin's nicer, gentler, kinder sister) I felt great, I felt strong and I felt light on my feet. I was running by myself, but was never really alone on the trail at any point. Before I knew it, 5 miles has passed by in a blink of an eye.

At mile 7, I took a quick stop, ate a few sharkies (yum) and drank some water and headed back to the group’s meeting spot, which would put me at 10 miles. I wanted to check in and say goodbye to everyone before I headed out for my last three miles. Heck, I felt so good, I was considering another mile, for a total of 14.

10 miles was done in 2:02, which is pretty good for me. I stopped to chat with the group until everyone started to leave. I started out and noticed that my left hamstring was feeling tight. Stopping for as long as I did was probably the worse thing about the run, so the last three miles were a struggle, though I never got to the point of quitting or crying—I just walked a bit more than I would like.

I managed to finish 13 miles in 2:52, which I am really pleased with. Baltimore Half Marathon—a PR will be mine by a long shot.

I am excited to have found someone to run with too! Liz, who also ran the MD Half (my first half marathon) is another blogger and I think we came across each other by chance but I totally recognized her from her blogger picture! She is running with her friend that also ran the MD Half and I am excited for running buddies for the race, and I hope we can push ourselves to kill our goal time!

Today was a rest day--and I needed it.  My body is sore and I want to keep the wonderful feeling of a great run for another day :)

Happy Running everyone!  I am off to enjoy some football with the husband!


jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Erin I was so happy to read about the 2:52! That is really fantastic. I just might need to "chat" with you about your training. ;) While I enjoyed the experience of my first half, I totally lost my mojo somewhere during the race, and would love to have a better finish next time around. Anyway, again - major kudos!

the dawn said...

great work on the training run! isn't it amazing to look back and be able to see how much progress you've made?

i had the same problem with my run today. i did my solo miles first before i met up with my running buddy. i had 15 minutes between the end of my run and the beginning of "our" run. i think all my muscles tightened up and never loosened. made the second run horrible.

Laura said...

awesome job! Your training is going so well!

kilax said...

So happy this 13 went so well! How is your left hammie?

I want to try Sharkies so bad! :)

Wendy Boka said...

Ooh -- I can identify with your hesitation and fear about running alone. A few years ago (while I was training for the 2007 Kansas City Marathon, actually, so I was putting in a LOT of solo time running!) a handful of women were abducted on the trail system I frequent. Luckily, they caught the guy, but it was a tense time (to carry pepper spray or not? to forgo a run when I couldn't find a partner?). Ugh!

I hope the rest of your training goes well!

Mari said...

Sorry you didn't make it out of town but it looks like you had a great weekend and great running!

Amy said...

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