Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hats off to you Garmin

As you might recall, I sent my beloved Helga to the Garmin Hospital Friday.  As in 5 days ago--with one of those being a no mail day.

So, imagine my surprise when I came home and found this in a package on my doorstep.

Sadly, it does not appear that Helga survived *tear* as this beauty has a new serial number.  This unnamed Garmin has come in the nick of time.  This weekend, the husband and I are going out of town to celebrate our 5th (I KNOW!!) anniversary (which is next Friday but we needed to make sure he was around for a golf tournament) and I will be running in unfamiliar territory where she he it will really come in handy.  So, Bravo, Garmin.  Bravo, indeed!

Speaking of this weekend--I am super excited to tackle some mountains (ok, yeah, they are really just BIG hills, but still--they are bigger than the hills around me) and get some work on elevations.  I AM SUPER PUMPED and sane, I swear.

Also, just curious as to my lovely readers thoughts on this. Lately, after a really intense workout, I get really nauseous.  After my sprint (or fast shuffle--whatevs) up the big hill on the Run to Remember, I wanted to yak as soon as I stopped moving.  After my spin class this evening, same thing.  Its a recently new development, so I was curious if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions?

Well, that's all for tonight!  Happy (and safe) running everyone!!!


the dawn said...

good work garmin! now its new name time... maybe sven...helga's male counterpart. he's rugged, but still international?

anyway...about the nausea....i experienced my first post-work out puking session a week or so ago. it was intense and not enjoyable. i think it was a combination of eating hard-to-digest food and then running faster than normal. but since then it seems to be more of an issue than before. like that's how my body reacts these days. i don't get it!

Anonymous said...

Dehydration possibly? I know that vomiting is a symtom of extreme dehydration so nausea may be an indicator that your well is running a little dry. Whatever it is, I hope it passes! Enjoy your vacation!

Laura said...

I get that the odd time more when we are doing a long run and we do a water stop and pause for a bit. For me it is a nutrition thing I think.
We have some seriously hard workouts where I feel like I am going to puke...but that's just from busting it up. :)


Here are my thoughts: It's either - dehydration, low blood sugar (low carbs) or poor oxygen circulation.

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

I know that EXACT feeling you are describing and I have no clue why that is? I feel like everytime I push myself, I feel like I'm on the verge of spewing. I'm interested to see what other responses you get.

runningwithababyonboard said...

I was having the same problem this summer and found it was a hydration issue and/or a sugar drop for me. I keep really well hydrated and make sure to eat some chomps every 40-50 minutes.

And I did run the Maryland Half! I bet the hills you are going to do this weekend won't be any worse than that terrible 3 mile hill we all had to climb. :)

For this half, my goal is to come in around 2 hours 45 minutes, which I know for most runners is kind of slow, but last half I just wanted to finish and this one I just want to improve my time... so if you still want to join us, let me know!

runningwithababyonboard said...

haha! I think I remember you too! Was one of you running your first half? I remember Omari and I talking, especially near the end, with who I think might be you. What a small world! Too funny!
I'll shoot you an email. :)

runningwithababyonboard said...

I think doing a run together before the half would be a great idea. What days do you run? I normally run on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but I can change my schedule as necessary.

Mari said...

Helga! My massage chair (a gift from the gods of running) is named Helga.

Congratulations on the new Garmin. I can't wait to hear about your hill work. I moved from Nebraska (FLAT) to the east coast in July - we live in the Watchung Mountains so I am learning to run hills and only hills. The Mtns top elevation is 900 feet so we do not live in the Rocky's but a 500 foot climb is still a climb.

Getting sick - I have issues with stomach cramps after long runs but I do not throw up. So sorry to hear about this. It must be awful. I don't have any advise... just sorry.

runningwithababyonboard said...

How about a run either next Saturday or the Saturday after? I have 6 miles planned next weekend and 10 the weekend after. Or depending what your running schedule is, I can flip-flop and do 10 next weekend and 6 the following (giving me two weeks of tapering instead of 1). Owings Mills is a little North of B-more and to the west, but we can easily meet wherever our halfway point is or at a trail if you want. I'm up for anything. :)