Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happiness 101

Today, I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to Jamie for the Happy 101 Award! Jamie is a relatively new runner who just finished her first half marathon over labor day weekend (and rocked it, I might add) She has two super cute kiddos and we have our first running date this Sunday.

The Happy 101 Award requires us to list 10 things that make us happy. So here are mine:

1. My family, especially my cute nieces and nephews who brighten my day and make me laugh constantly.

2. Coffee on a chilly morning, sitting on my deck looking at the water. Total relaxation. (happy national coffee day, BTW)

3. The beach. The sounds of the waves, the beautiful water, and the amazing peace it brings me is irreplaceable.

4. My friends. We are sometimes too busy to see each other, but we always have each other’s backs if need be.

5. Meeting new people. I am a social creature—I love interaction!

6. Running and exercise. If only I had found you earlier in my life and recognized the true blessing you are.

7. Seeing my husband really come into his element in law school and watching his passion and love of it grow every day.

8. Training runs on the trail, especially in beautiful fall weather!

9. Carlos Santana’s new CD.

10. Seeing how far I have come in all aspects of my life with hard work and dedication. Seriously, my life had turned out 1000 times different than I planned when I was 18 (seriously, what the heck did I know then), but I wouldn’t ever change it for the world!

I am supposed to pass this along to other bloggers, but I hate to pick out just 5, lets say if your most recent post is about something other than running, consider yourself tagged!


Julie @ "Hotlegs Runner" said...

I guess I'm tagged then! haha!

That's a great list. Will blog about this next =)

the dawn said...

social creature? make a trip up to michigan and i can help you out with that :) looking for more members of my cheering squad, so come on up!