Sunday, September 26, 2010

Busy weekend

Saturday turned out to be a pretty exciting day.

Liz (my running partner for the Baltimore Half--20 days) and I had plans to meet up at the trail which was going to be super packed because of the fall TNTers taking on their longest runs to date (it was exciting to see them knowing they were once in the same place I am in right now with my training).  The place was packed by 6:45; people were running all over the place, cars were parked all over the place (and some illegally--Thank you MSP for coming out and writing tickets for people who were running for charity).  After some nice pep talks and instructions from the coaches, the fall TNT group set off.  Liz and I found each other when the crowd cleared, and soon, the winter TNTers were off too.  

We started on a nice, but maybe quick pace, but I could tell it was not going to be my best run.  The humidity was up and my knee has been acting up (thank you bursitis--I'm glad you left my hip, but you couldn't abandon me all together, could you?) so we did various intervals, some longer runs, some sprinting runs, but a nice mix.  I was in true motor mouth form and talked poor Liz's ear off (and apologized a bazillion times for being slow) but it was a really nice 12 miles. It was also great to have the water stops and support along the run.  My handheld was dry by mile 8, and luckily a water station wasn't too far away.  I was topped off (and had some delicious PB filled pretzel bites) and we continued on our way.  We hit the end of our run feeling great (minors aches and pains aside) and are hopefully going to meet up next weekend to get another training run in.

I had to rush home to get to my hair appointment (color and cut--I feel far less straggly than before) and then to the anniversary dinner with my husband.  I was fairly indulgent and had a HUGE steak and flourless chocolate cake for dessert, but hey--I did run shuffle 12 miles, so I deserve it, right?
Today, more of the same.  I took a rest day since I woke up with a stiff knee (lots of walking around Annapolis last night) and running errands (and looking at bedroom furniture--did you know that wood is the traditional 5 year anniversary gift--my husband surprised me Friday night by telling me he had been saving for a new bedroom set for me to pick out )with my husband.  Its hard to believe the weekend is almost over with  and the workweek is almost here again.

I hope you guys all had a great weekend!  Did you do anything fun???  

Happy running!!


Adam said...

So annoying about the parking tickets.

Ouch, I've heard bursitis is NOT something to mess with.

Anonymous said...

this sounds awesome! great gift! hope you pick something cute =) Can't wait to run with ya next week =) we're gunna start picking up the pace justtttt a bit cuz me and T had a coaches meeting today (aka talked over lunch) and decided you are capable of far more than you think

runningwithababyonboard said...

You're so funny. I thought I talked your ear off... we really didn't stop talking until that one sprint (a.k.a. we'll count it as speed work) nearly killed us. :)
It was so much fun running with you and if you want to run together this weekend, I'm down. I'll be sure to bring my Thimblelina bladdered self. :)