Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adventures in Running

If you read Katye’s blog, you probably heard about our adventures in running yesterday. Haven’t heard it? Be prepared to shake your head in sheer amazement.

 Sunday, Katye sent me a text to see if I wanted to run. Since I was already planning on getting 6 miles in, I thought it would be fun to go up by her and run together. We started out at a great pace (for me—more like a slow jog for her—but whatever) and carried on for about 2 or 2.5 miles. I started running intervals and urged Katye to keep going at her pace because I hate feeling like I am holding her back. And that was the last I saw of her. She was hard to miss (bright yellow tank, blue and yellow skirt, super tall with a crazy ponytail) I kept going, thinking she decided to try for a further mileage and I felt good so I might as well up my mileage.

 I hit 4 miles and after looking up and down the trail, I decided to track back, sure I would see her at some point. I was looking ahead of me, behind me and all around and no Katye. I figured maybe she was feeling great and taking advantage of it, much like I had.

I got back to our starting point, tried to fill up my handheld  at the water fountain(seriously, no water??) and peeked down the trail in both directions. I decided to head back up the trail, convinced that Katye was doing 15 miles or something crazy like that. I got another mile and a half up the trail and still never saw her. At that point, I decided to turn back and head to my car. Since I was not running with my phone on me (because I was running with Katye after all, AND I had my trusty Road ID on me) I made sure to grab it from my car before I grabbed my extra water bottle. I had about 4 missed calls, a voice mail and several text messages from Katye. I felt so bad that I worried her so much that I have ordered a spibelt so I can carry my phone with me from now on (when I run solo, I always carry my cell on me).

 The only thing I can think that might have caused us to miss each other (and I am thinking it happened more than once) is the number of people on the trail and the large groups of bikers. Did I mention this trail can get pretty narrow too? At the time, it was pretty scary and worrisome (not to mention puzzling), but knowing we are both ok, it’s kind of funny.

So, I managed to nearly double my planned miles (11.5, thank you very much) which brought my labor day weekend total to 18.5 miles. I ran 7 Saturday (2.5 with my TNT group, 4.5 with Katye’s 5K Group). My legs feel like they want to fall off. I was too much of a chicken to take a full ice bath after our running adventure yesterday, so after my shower, I stayed in a bit longer, turned the water all the way to cold and let the stream hit my legs. It wasn’t bad, temperature wise, and it felt great on my legs. Honestly, I might be able to up the ante and go straight for a full ice bath next time.
In other news, I now have my 50th follower (hi Kim!!) so it means a giveaway for you guys. Keep your eyes peeled for the next couple of days for what its going to be!!
Also, make sure you go over to Jamie and tell her congrats. The Girl ran her first half marathon down in VA Beach with a wonderful time. Make sure you give her all the love she deserves!!!
Happy Running everyone!


Laura said...

Awesome job! I 'eased' into the whole ice bath thing - get in the tub and start with just cold water. Once you are ok with that, add the ice. It is brutal no matter what....

the dawn said...

wow, glad you guys finally found each other! and yes, my hubby demanded that i start carrying my cell even when running with others. he does not like the feeling of me running and not answering his calls.

that's some awesome mileage for a vacation weekend. good work girl!

and i highly recommend the ice bath. totally worth it!

kilax said...

Oh no! I am happy neither of you were hurt, and you just missed each other.

I tried my first ice bath a few weekends ago and really liked it. I kept my clothes on and wrapped a towel around my shoulders.

Amy said...

Running is a great adventure, anyway I like your post. It is so entertaining. Keep it up.