Friday, June 18, 2010

Getting back into the swing of it

Hello Bloggy World!

Yes, I have been absent for a while. Honestly, I have been swamped at work and have not wanted to turn on my computer once I get home. Too many evenings of doing school work have left me hating my laptop. And honestly, this blog is about the making of a runner. One who has not really been running with any sort of regularity.

It was a good time for me to reflect on my running though. Thanks to everyone who offered wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement to my pondering of tackling a marathon. After reading some lovely race recaps of the San Diego Marathon (Katye, The Dawn, Laura) I got really pumped up by the idea.

But first, I need to refocus. Honestly, since running the Broad Street Run, my training has been extremely lax. As in to non existent aside from a race or two. That will not help me with the Rock n Roll Half in Philly (which I think I talked Kristen in to---yay!!), the Baltimore Half or the Army Ten Miler.

My goal: Get Faster. I will never win a race, my age group, or anything like that, but I want to be better. Be Faster. I mean, as slow as I run, getting faster should not be too difficult a task, right? I mean, the few times I was able to run, my interval training on the treadmill (which I used to dread) was not bad at all. Twenty minutes of intervals, one fast (ish) mile and I felt great. It’s a sign of progress, so I am starting a training program well ahead of some other people’s starting points.

I was traveling for work this week and had some errands to run, so tonight, I am committing fully to developing and sticking with a training program. I should probably consult with a running coach (hello, any offers out there??) or online and develop a plan and go for it. I am a runner, regardless of my pace, but I want to be a faster runner!

Probably the largest obstacle I will have to overcome is my brain. Seriously, running is totally mental. I know what my body is capable of doing—my head just needs to be able to make it through as well.

So here is to recommitting myself to something I LOVE.  Keeping checking back for regular updates. If you are on the daily mile, add me (Erin G), and keep me in check on there.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I will start posting with some regularity from now on!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A hot, sweaty mess--with pics

Sunday, bright and early, I got dressed (Camo and Purple Running Skirt, white tank---CUTE) and to head down to Annapolis with my friend H and to meet the other members of Team ELK for our first official race of the Zooma 10K!

First, if you are local and have never run this race, you totally should. The vibe was awesome. You get to run through beautiful downtown Annapolis Maryland and over the Naval Academy Bridge over the scenic Severn River (no, I do not work for the Annapolis Board of Tourism). You finish at the Navy Football Stadium, and gather for a nice after race expo. I think that as long as I am in town for this race, I will continue to run it every year. I really enjoyed it!!

The only down thing about this race; the weather!!! The race started at 7AM, which would have been fine if it were not already in the 80’s with 98% humidity (it was 90 by 9:30 Sunday morning). I can deal with the heat, but the humidity kills me. I find it soooo hard to catch my breath!! Thank you mother nature for that. I am not sure if you are trying to help me build character or what, but the cold front that moved through the area at 4 Sunday afternoon and the humidity was gone and its only in the low 80’s now makes me think you were playing a prank!

I found my friend K (L was in the 9:00/corral) and, along with H, we started the race together. H was off (she did her first half marathon in 2:25—speedy girl) and K and I managed to stay together for about the first mile. I was running slow, but I was ok with that. My ankle is still not 100% and I didn’t want to push it.

Within the first mile, I was already a sweaty mess. I was glad I took my new handheld because I was dying and the first water stop was not until mile 2.

I had to stop and walk around mile 1.75. My ankle was killing me. I walked for about a quarter mile, and then decided I would do intervals. I ran .4 miles, walked .2, ran .4. It helped a lot with catching my breath, but that pesky ankle was still acting up. I took advantage of a family with a hose squirting runners (though I just wanted to stop and let them soak me) and carried on. I walked most of mile 3 (yes, I am a pansy) and started intervals again at the bridge.

I do not know how to take a pretty picture

Love the new handheld.  Totally needed it!

Throughout the race, I noticed a girl I ran my last few miles near during the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I stopped and walked with her and chatter for a bit before we split (she was doing the half, I was only doing the 10k) and decided to fly down the bridge. It felt great to just break open, let gravity help and go pretty fast down.

The last mile was pretty uneventful. We were headed back to the stadium and I decided I would just go for the last .2 miles. I was dying at the end, but glad to be done. I finished right around 1:24, but given the heat, humidity and my ankle, I will take it. I know I could have done better, but I think my head was not completely in it. At a point, I just decided to go and enjoy myself, take in the sights and the spirit of the day. It was better than being stressed about beating a time on a course slightly longer than 10K. Congrats to Jamie who also completed this race and her farthest distance to date!

I have decided that a 10k is my favorite distance. I think that 5Ks just feel too short and 10 miles/Half Marathons I can feel myself breaking down. I am, by no means, going to stop running 10 Milers or Half Marathons, but I really enjoy a 10K. The distance is perfect.

I have also been going back and forth about becoming a marathoner. Honestly, I am not sure if my body could handle the distance and I really question if my brain could. I am not abandoning the idea entirely, but still just trying to make a decision. What has been your experience? What did you think of the jump from a half to a full?

Also, a couple of quick shout-outs. First, HUGE congrats to Laura who became the youngest female to run a marathon in all 50 states. If you do not follow her, you should. Head over there to congratulate her!!!!

Secondly, congrats to Katye who finished her very first marathon this weekend with an awesome time! Make sure you go tell her congrats too!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

My nephew says this all the time when playing games (even if he does not win).

Everyone give a congrats to Tracy for being the lucky winner of my giveaway.

Tracy, email me at erinmarissa (a)t comcast (dot) net with your home address and I will get your package off by Friday.  You will soon be rocking some awesome socks.  Wear them proudly!