Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A hot, sweaty mess--with pics

Sunday, bright and early, I got dressed (Camo and Purple Running Skirt, white tank---CUTE) and to head down to Annapolis with my friend H and to meet the other members of Team ELK for our first official race of the Zooma 10K!

First, if you are local and have never run this race, you totally should. The vibe was awesome. You get to run through beautiful downtown Annapolis Maryland and over the Naval Academy Bridge over the scenic Severn River (no, I do not work for the Annapolis Board of Tourism). You finish at the Navy Football Stadium, and gather for a nice after race expo. I think that as long as I am in town for this race, I will continue to run it every year. I really enjoyed it!!

The only down thing about this race; the weather!!! The race started at 7AM, which would have been fine if it were not already in the 80’s with 98% humidity (it was 90 by 9:30 Sunday morning). I can deal with the heat, but the humidity kills me. I find it soooo hard to catch my breath!! Thank you mother nature for that. I am not sure if you are trying to help me build character or what, but the cold front that moved through the area at 4 Sunday afternoon and the humidity was gone and its only in the low 80’s now makes me think you were playing a prank!

I found my friend K (L was in the 9:00/corral) and, along with H, we started the race together. H was off (she did her first half marathon in 2:25—speedy girl) and K and I managed to stay together for about the first mile. I was running slow, but I was ok with that. My ankle is still not 100% and I didn’t want to push it.

Within the first mile, I was already a sweaty mess. I was glad I took my new handheld because I was dying and the first water stop was not until mile 2.

I had to stop and walk around mile 1.75. My ankle was killing me. I walked for about a quarter mile, and then decided I would do intervals. I ran .4 miles, walked .2, ran .4. It helped a lot with catching my breath, but that pesky ankle was still acting up. I took advantage of a family with a hose squirting runners (though I just wanted to stop and let them soak me) and carried on. I walked most of mile 3 (yes, I am a pansy) and started intervals again at the bridge.

I do not know how to take a pretty picture

Love the new handheld.  Totally needed it!

Throughout the race, I noticed a girl I ran my last few miles near during the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I stopped and walked with her and chatter for a bit before we split (she was doing the half, I was only doing the 10k) and decided to fly down the bridge. It felt great to just break open, let gravity help and go pretty fast down.

The last mile was pretty uneventful. We were headed back to the stadium and I decided I would just go for the last .2 miles. I was dying at the end, but glad to be done. I finished right around 1:24, but given the heat, humidity and my ankle, I will take it. I know I could have done better, but I think my head was not completely in it. At a point, I just decided to go and enjoy myself, take in the sights and the spirit of the day. It was better than being stressed about beating a time on a course slightly longer than 10K. Congrats to Jamie who also completed this race and her farthest distance to date!

I have decided that a 10k is my favorite distance. I think that 5Ks just feel too short and 10 miles/Half Marathons I can feel myself breaking down. I am, by no means, going to stop running 10 Milers or Half Marathons, but I really enjoy a 10K. The distance is perfect.

I have also been going back and forth about becoming a marathoner. Honestly, I am not sure if my body could handle the distance and I really question if my brain could. I am not abandoning the idea entirely, but still just trying to make a decision. What has been your experience? What did you think of the jump from a half to a full?

Also, a couple of quick shout-outs. First, HUGE congrats to Laura who became the youngest female to run a marathon in all 50 states. If you do not follow her, you should. Head over there to congratulate her!!!!

Secondly, congrats to Katye who finished her very first marathon this weekend with an awesome time! Make sure you go tell her congrats too!!!


Alanna said...

Glad to hear you had a good race - I honestly don't know how all of you do it with the heat/humidity. It's just something that I'm not at all familiar with since I live in BC.

I can't comment on the jump from 1/2 to full since I'm only starting that journey this week (eek!), but I think the best advice I received was to have at least a year of higher mileage running under your belt. By that they meant the mileage you were at for your 1/2 training. As well it was suggested that I run 2+ half marathons before attempting the marathon (I'll have 2). The other (strongly worded) suggestion I got was to make sure I was running 4-5 days/week plus cross-training otherwise my base just wouldn't be good enough. I'm still working on that one.

Hope that helps a bit. If you want to run 26.2 (or 42km to me) it's totally attainable - look at all of the people blogging about it - just make sure you go into it with a solid plan! :)

Heather said...

I would think that would be a good distance too. I can rarely find any in my area though. Maybe I am not looking hard enough!

Good job!!

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Great re-cap! I so wish we could have met up. I must've been trailing right behind you during the race. :) Also, great job out there considering the blazing heat and humidity. I was drenched by mile 2. I had to re-evaluate things pretty early on. Just have fun and finish in ONE piece. Oh yeah, how about that bridge at mile 4? I'm pretty sure I laughed out loud. ha!
I too think the 10k may very well be my new favorite distance.

Steel Springs said...

Congratulations on toughing out a hot and humid race! The humidity can be so draining. It sounds like a nice, fun course, though. Sorry about the ankle!

kilax said...

Great job! I just wish your ankle felt better! Do you read irunyourun (Carla)? She ran this half!

I am unsure about the marathon. I tried it last year and got a stress fracture. This year, I am supposed to be training but my leg is messed up. I am hoping that doesn't mean it is not meant to be!

Mari said...

Wow, congratulations on your race this weekend. Having the strength to continue on when hurt builds character and strength as a runner. I know it's not ideal but when you are in a race and you have to reach the end, knowing you can is extremely helpful.

I will check out the other links, thanks for the information.

Katie said...

Congrats on teh 10K . . . I was there too and it was HOT!!

My goal is a marathon someday. I was hoping to run the MCM and am registered, but I have had injuries which may make it not a good ideal.

I say make the jump! Find a good training program and you can do it!

Charm City Kim said...

In the span of 1 year, I went from only being able to run 5ks to completing a marathon.

I think it is possible with the proper training. Just be sure you give yourself AMPLE time for training, never push yourself through injuries, invest in a foam roller and I think you can do it!

Katie said...

love the pic additions . . . . I cannot seem to take a good race photo, as soon as I do, I am going to buy it because it probably will me the only one I ever get!!

And, I have a handheld too . . . best thing EVER!! I do not know why I did not bring it to the 10K . . . totally could have used it!

the dawn said...

Way to be!!! This past weekend was crazy hot everywhere it seems like. Good work on the race.

You know, I'm completely opposite from you. I hate 5k/10k's because I feel so much pressure and urgency to run fast. I hate gasping for air and feeling like my lungs are going to explode. I do think that it's really important to figure out who you are as a runner though! It's good to know what you like and what you don't like...

As for the jump to a marathon, I think it doesn't necessarily need to happen. And when you're ready you'll know. For me, it was during my second half, when we turned off from the full course and I thought to myself, "I wish I was running the full!" I say if that never happens, then you shouldn't pressure yourself into making the jump. It's more important that you love running and if going longer steals the love for running then you shouldn't do it.

Congrats again! And I LOVE the outfit :)

Paul Rhodes said...

hey....im in the same boat..training for my 2nd half but being asked to go the full..worried mostly about pressure on my family time-wise and if id kill off my love of running thru the anguish?

Paul (Sydney)