Friday, July 30, 2010

I fought the humidity

And the humidity won!

I am back from vacation and rocking a nasty headcold (love the kiddos, but I always seem to sick after time with them!) but I have still been dilligent in my training.  I have gone for runs after work 3 times this week.  Last night was a killer though.  I figured the thunderstorms that came through would kill the humidity.  My 3.5 miles last night proved otherwise.  I finished and was glad to have gotten the miles in and done, but I felt like my legs were lead and I had been run over by a truck.  Carrying water.  And the water spilled all over me.  I was slow and sluggish, a hot sweaty mess, but I plugged through it, which is important for me to keep in mind!

The weekend should bring some relief, so I have 6 miles planned.  I have not even  seen 6 miles since early June.  Haven't even thought about tackling 6 miles since after my last race.  But, I have the Army Ten Miler coming up, plus I plan to run the Baltimore Half Marathon (hello hills) and the Marine Corps Marathon 10k (3 races, 3 straight weekends--yes, I have a death sentence!).  With determination and some training plans from TMB Endurance Training (who I am emailing right after this blog post--go check her out and wish her luck in Chicago this weekend), I am putting together a course of action to help me get to a 2:35 half marathon time and to get under 2 hours for my TenMiler!

There is really not much else to report.  I am finally going to put a post up about running safety--I just want to try and speak to some people at the local police department for suggestions and input there!

Happy Running and Happy August (seriously, where did this summer go?)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three things thursday

1) never underestimate the power of the ocean. While attempting to kayak on two separate occassions, I got tossed and banged up. I give ocean--you rock!!

2) I have never had to deal wit concuscions (pardon the spelling). My 22 month old niece fell last night and spent five hours in the emergency room ( she is fine thankfully). Today, my husband took a golf ball in the noggin ( it was a blind shot for the guy) and he is at home with a concuscion ( but is ok) too! And I am supposed to be the clumsy one!!

3) I need to start bringing a scale with me on vacations! I have been running, but not enough to work out my delicioUs meals!!!

vacation is almost over :(. I head back Saturday and I am sooo not ready for reality!

Monday, July 19, 2010


After a nightmare of a drive ( took 9 hours, should have taken 6.5) we arrived to our beautiful rental house in the outerbanks!

Two full days here, two three mile runs completed! Unlike the people at my gym, the people I come across during my runs live my skirts! The runs have been rough; lots of strong winds are making moving hard, but I getting them in!

Does playing in the waves count as cross training?? I feel like it's such a workout,even though it's so much fun! We went fishing after the run today and caught a small stingray! All my nieces and nephews lived it!

Tomorrow, we are taking the kayak down to the ocean, so I hope to get a fabulous arm workout in!!

That's all from vacation land! I am going to try and post some running scenery pics tomorrow!!!

Happy running!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

I felt the earth move under my feet

Greetings, from the earthquake center!  I was woken up at 5 this morning by my bed shaking for a good 20 seconds.  I thought I was having a dream, but when I turned on the news, I found out there had been an earthquake!!  This has been the year of crazy mother nature here in the Mid Atlantic region!!!

Work has been so crazy with my new promotion and preparing for my vacation.  Honestly, this blog has taken a backseat, which is unfortunate, but the job pays the bills (and for races ;) ).  After Katye sent me a message yesterday telling me she missed me, I knew I need to give you guys a shout out!  I am excited to head to the Outerbanks in NC tomorrow for a week long family vacation with 17 people.  I am so excited; plus I will have some super running buddies!

In other good news, I have been selected to serve on a review panel for Running Skirts :)  I am so excited to test out their gear and give you guys a full report back!

I apologize for the short length of this post, but I have about 1000 things to get done before tomorrow!  I promise to post every day on my vacation!!!!

Happy running all!