Friday, July 30, 2010

I fought the humidity

And the humidity won!

I am back from vacation and rocking a nasty headcold (love the kiddos, but I always seem to sick after time with them!) but I have still been dilligent in my training.  I have gone for runs after work 3 times this week.  Last night was a killer though.  I figured the thunderstorms that came through would kill the humidity.  My 3.5 miles last night proved otherwise.  I finished and was glad to have gotten the miles in and done, but I felt like my legs were lead and I had been run over by a truck.  Carrying water.  And the water spilled all over me.  I was slow and sluggish, a hot sweaty mess, but I plugged through it, which is important for me to keep in mind!

The weekend should bring some relief, so I have 6 miles planned.  I have not even  seen 6 miles since early June.  Haven't even thought about tackling 6 miles since after my last race.  But, I have the Army Ten Miler coming up, plus I plan to run the Baltimore Half Marathon (hello hills) and the Marine Corps Marathon 10k (3 races, 3 straight weekends--yes, I have a death sentence!).  With determination and some training plans from TMB Endurance Training (who I am emailing right after this blog post--go check her out and wish her luck in Chicago this weekend), I am putting together a course of action to help me get to a 2:35 half marathon time and to get under 2 hours for my TenMiler!

There is really not much else to report.  I am finally going to put a post up about running safety--I just want to try and speak to some people at the local police department for suggestions and input there!

Happy Running and Happy August (seriously, where did this summer go?)

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the dawn said...

at least you put up a good fight and got a run in! that's seriously the biggest victory! wow, sounds like you're going to have a busy fall running season. but that will keep you motivated and you should have some great races!