Monday, July 19, 2010


After a nightmare of a drive ( took 9 hours, should have taken 6.5) we arrived to our beautiful rental house in the outerbanks!

Two full days here, two three mile runs completed! Unlike the people at my gym, the people I come across during my runs live my skirts! The runs have been rough; lots of strong winds are making moving hard, but I getting them in!

Does playing in the waves count as cross training?? I feel like it's such a workout,even though it's so much fun! We went fishing after the run today and caught a small stingray! All my nieces and nephews lived it!

Tomorrow, we are taking the kayak down to the ocean, so I hope to get a fabulous arm workout in!!

That's all from vacation land! I am going to try and post some running scenery pics tomorrow!!!

Happy running!!


the dawn said...

sounds like fun! good job getting the miles in even on vacation. that's not always easy...

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Glad to read you are enjoying your vacation. Have fun kayaking! I've been wanting to give that a try lately.