Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A bit of pain, a bit of fear and a vacation!

I started seeing a chiropractor last week and, as suspected, my hip and back are a problem. I have some joints out of place, so we are working on that. Luckily, my chiropractor is also a physical therapist and is doing more than just manual adjustments. He is helping me learn more stretches to loosen up my hamstrings and calves and giving me some workouts for my core that will help my run better. In the two sessions I have had with him, I feel taller, straighter, and overall much more comfortable, especially when I run. I managed to get in 4.5 miles on Saturday with no pain at all—a wonderful improvement from Wednesday. I am behind my goal of hitting 5.5 miles by last week, and 6 this week, but I am sure I can make up for it over the next few weeks, especially if I do the exercises recommended by my chiro on a regular basis. I am worried I might hit a wall around 6 miles though, since a 10K is my furthest race. Anyone have any recommendations on how to overcome a running wall?

I started thinking of the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler and how fast I run. I will finish the race in just about 2 hours, which is fine with me because at least I will have done it--although I am fearful that I will fall under the 14 minute mile pace and some huge hook will yank me off the street saying "too bad fatty--you were going too slow!" As someone who suffers from ADD (albeit self diagnosed) I really wonder if I can do it. Can I keep myself going for 120 minutes? At the gym, I get bored after about 20--and just push through the next 30-40 minutes, depending on my goal. What on earth am I going to do for 120 minutes? Luckily, we will be running through DC and the surrounding areas, so there is always stuff to look at, but I am still worried that I might do poorly because I am just bored. Any thoughts, suggestions or advice?

I was suprised to note the other day that I have not had a cold all winter *knock on wood*. I typically get at least one bad cold a year that will last about 14-16 days from start to end. People around me have been really sick with colds, my husband had a terrible flu at the beginning of the year. Me--not so much. This is the first winter that I have been exercising regularlly and I have to say, I think its really helping my health--beyond my waistline and the reflections in the scale!

My husband is turning 30 is a few weeks! He is an avid snowboarder and golfer, so I figure we would take a trip somewhere cold and snowy (which is fine—I snowboard as well, enjoy the cold and love snow) to celebrate, but nope! We are headed to Puerto Rico for 5 days! I am so excited and super motivated, since I plan to spend most of my time in a swimsuit, going kayaking and relaxing beach/poolside! Luckily, our hotel has a full fitness area, and we are going hiking a few times in the rainforest not far from where we will be staying.

The Frog Bra= LOVE

So, I receive my order from Title Nine Thursday night—yipppeee! I ordered three bras, only to discover I had two of the ones I ordered already (again, no bra names given, just manufacturers listed). The bra I did not have and promptly tested on is made exclusively for Title Nine called the Frog Bra. It’s a pretty basic pullover sports bra with a racerback. No fancy wires, hooks or straps. The distinguishing feature of the bra, however, is that it boasts that it is made with 32% Lycra and that it’s a major “masher bra.”

When I first put the bra on, and then a t-shirt, I looked semi-flat chested for the first time in my entire life; I really felt like my girls were contained! I jumped around, and noticed there was not a lot of movement. I often worry not only about the up and down movement, but the side to side movement and this bra really kept everything in place (Did you know a woman’s chest will make a figure 8 motion and she moves). I headed for the gym to go for a short run with the bra on and was pleasantly surprised. Typically, I feel racerback bras pulling between my shoulder blades and get a bit of discomfort. This bra has a very wide racerback, that stretches over the shoulder blades and fit very comfortably. After running about 2 miles, I did not feel as though the bra stretched out any because of my sweating.

My only complaint about the bra is that the materials seems a bit stiff from the amount of Lycra in the bra. I am willing to take that given the support and compression that came with it. For those who worry, since this bra is a major masher bra, there is undeniably a uniboob situation. For me, I prefer to have the locked down chest, so I am willing to overlook that drawback of the bra. I love this bra so much, I replaced my two originally ordered with these.

The bra comes in S-XL (I ordered a L and I am a 38DD) sizes and in white, blue and black. It costs $33 of one and $32 for two or more, which is a steal when looking at the prices of other bras for women with larger chests. If you are in the market for a new bra and can overlook the uniboob look, give this bra a try.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Running is my sure-fire pick me up plan. If I ever have a bad day, get stressed out from school, work or life, or if I just need some space and time to think, I go for a run. Once I pop those earbuds in, get into a groove and get going, I just forget about all my concerns and worries and just go. I am a much happier, relaxed and less anxious person when I run.

So what happens when you just can’t go? Last week, I was really happy with my progress. I ran 5 miles in just over an hour (slow, yes, but still 5 miles J and half the distance I need to be ready for the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in April) and logged just over twenty miles for the week for the first time in about three months. I had an easy run on Monday, took Tuesday off to babysit the world’s cutest 10 month old (so my friends husband could take her on a surprise date) and yesterday planned on speed training. I got about 1.2 miles into my planned 1.5 miles and just felt like my body shut down. My hips hurt, my knee was bugging and my arches were aching. Rather than run through the pain, I walked to cool down and hopped on the elliptical to finish my workout.

I am fairly disgruntled. After a really positive week, I feel like this week is turning out to a major let down. Yesterday was not one of my finer days, so I could have used the planned pick-me-up run I intended to complete. I felt like not completing a substantial run tipped the scales on my already questionable mood and set a tone for the remainder of the evening; nothing seemed to go right for me for the rest of the night! I am trying to stay positive and will probably do some strength training tonight in lieu of a run. Maybe it was just my body’s way of saying “Hey Fatty---give the joints and muscles a break!”

I decided to make an appointment with a chiropractor, at the suggestion of a coworker. I figure being the FatGirl, maybe it’s just too much pressure and jostling on my joints and is the source of my problems. I am going to start stretching much more on a daily basis. Maybe I am just too tight when I start running and never can get completely comfortable.

Tonight, my order of sports bras from is due to arrive, so be on the lookout for reviews of the two bras I ordered in the next couple of days. If you struggle to find a sports bra for being a well endowed girl, I am going to be testing out several to find the answer for the no bounce. Title Nine offers a plethora of bras, tested and rated by various staffers and reviews and was a really helpful website in ordering new bras. My only complaint: While they do tell you the manufacture of the bra, they do not give you the manufacturer’s name of the bra, just their own. I like to scour for the best deals online, and while it makes it difficult, I can find the bras after enough research.

I am hoping to be more diligent about posting blog entries. I have been reluctant to turn on my computer at home during my winter break from school, but with classes starting next week, I will be on the computer more, and hopefully, writing more.

Hope everyone has a great day.