Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Frog Bra= LOVE

So, I receive my order from Title Nine Thursday night—yipppeee! I ordered three bras, only to discover I had two of the ones I ordered already (again, no bra names given, just manufacturers listed). The bra I did not have and promptly tested on is made exclusively for Title Nine called the Frog Bra. It’s a pretty basic pullover sports bra with a racerback. No fancy wires, hooks or straps. The distinguishing feature of the bra, however, is that it boasts that it is made with 32% Lycra and that it’s a major “masher bra.”

When I first put the bra on, and then a t-shirt, I looked semi-flat chested for the first time in my entire life; I really felt like my girls were contained! I jumped around, and noticed there was not a lot of movement. I often worry not only about the up and down movement, but the side to side movement and this bra really kept everything in place (Did you know a woman’s chest will make a figure 8 motion and she moves). I headed for the gym to go for a short run with the bra on and was pleasantly surprised. Typically, I feel racerback bras pulling between my shoulder blades and get a bit of discomfort. This bra has a very wide racerback, that stretches over the shoulder blades and fit very comfortably. After running about 2 miles, I did not feel as though the bra stretched out any because of my sweating.

My only complaint about the bra is that the materials seems a bit stiff from the amount of Lycra in the bra. I am willing to take that given the support and compression that came with it. For those who worry, since this bra is a major masher bra, there is undeniably a uniboob situation. For me, I prefer to have the locked down chest, so I am willing to overlook that drawback of the bra. I love this bra so much, I replaced my two originally ordered with these.

The bra comes in S-XL (I ordered a L and I am a 38DD) sizes and in white, blue and black. It costs $33 of one and $32 for two or more, which is a steal when looking at the prices of other bras for women with larger chests. If you are in the market for a new bra and can overlook the uniboob look, give this bra a try.

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