Monday, February 28, 2011

ABC's of E

(A) Age: Turned 28 in November (but was asked this weekend--more than once--if I were 21--Sweet!!!)

(B) Bed Size: Queen.   All to myself.  ahhhhhh

(C) Chore You Hate: Cleaning toilets. Seriously, shudder.

(D) Dogs? *sigh* no.  Love them, just not a good time in my life for a pet.
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item:  Coffee.  Extra Bold, really hot.  Don't talk to me until I have had it.

(F) Favourite Color: Green, Pink, Purple.

(G) Gold or Silver? White Gold. 

(H) Height: 5ft 6in. Yup, Tall for my people (excluding my 6'5" brother)
(I) Instruments You Play: I used to play the Trombone--but haven't in ages.
(J) Job Title: Accountant

(K) Kids: Nada

(L) Live: Hanover, MD

(M) Mom's Name: Sue

(N) Nicknames: E, Birdie, E-Dog

(O) Overnight Hospital Stays? Nope. 

(P) Pet Peeve: Being late, people driving too slow, people being rude or inconsiderate. 
(Q) Quote from a Movie: "Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore"
(R) Right or Left Handed? Right.

(S) Siblings: One much older (11 years older) brother, one younger sister.

(T) Time You Wake Up? My alarm goes off at 6:20, but I am typically awake (and not pleased about it) by 5:45 and just chilling in bed.

(U) Underwear: Cotton bikini brief.  Thank you Victoria's Secret Pink for making cute cotton undies.
(V) Vegetable You Dislike: None.  I grew up with vegetarian parents; I had to eat them all.

(W) What Makes You Run Late: Usually, other people.  I am guilty of being absent minded too--but that is a rarity.

(X) X-Rays You've Had Done: Dental, hips, knee, ankle (broke it), neck (car accident)

(Y) Yummy Food You Make: Cajun Seafood Pasta, Blackened Salmon, Upside down apple pecan pie

(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: Probably Panda Bears--even if you can never see them because of the people hogging the viewing space.  I really love the elephants too, even if they stink.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  For some reason, when its time to get a new shoe, I think I should try something other than my trusty Brooks Trance.  I tried the Asics Kayano with mixed results (very cushy, not the stability I need).  I went back to my Trance.  When those were on their last leg, I decided to try the Mizuno Alchemy.  I took them for a 10 miler on Sunday and boy, my ankle was bugging me.  Weird.  I took the shoes back to the store, went through a custom insole and shoe fitting, and guess what.  I was back in my Trances.  Those shoes in a wide + a custom fit insole = happy feet on Erin.  I ran in them yesterday in my treading class and had zero ankle pain.  Lesson learned, Brooks.  Lesson learned indeed.
Dear Trance, I promise to never doubt our compatability again.  With Love, Erin

2.  The Marine Corps Marathon is 90% sold out.  In the first hour, over 12K people registered--no one I had so much trouble getting registered (I was stuck in a meeting until 12:30---boooo).  How awesome is that?  I am super excited for this race.  Not only are some really awesome bloggers running it, the president of my company is signed up, plus an old friend from HS that I reconnected with on Facebook (seriously, is there anything better than facebook) is signed up too.  If all that weren't enough, my parents are coming from Iowa to watch me.  Have I mentioned how much my parents rock?  Because they totally do.  I am excited to run through DC and VA and be a part of the people's marathon.

3.  My sister just got the iPhone on Verizon and we have been able to Facetime a couple of times.  Her 2 1/2 year old Audrey is super cute.  She gets up close and says "Auntie E, how did you get stuck in the phone?" and will give me kisses, hugs, high fives and knuckles through the phone.  I love how technology has really made it easy to be close to my family, even if they are 1400 miles away.  Its nice to know that I am able to be visible to my niece even if I can't see her all the time.   

Happy Thursday and Happy Running everyone!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I know, four posts in two days?  Is the world ending?  I might be a super blogger yet!!!

So, today on Facebook, Katye asked if anyone would be interested in taking a treading class at her gym.  Knowing that the gym was not that far from me (downtown Baltimore) I jumped at the chance.

Treading is a lot like spinning, but, you guessed it, on the treadmill.  You connect your headphones to the AV device on the treadmill, switch to a certain channel, and run intervals based on what the instructor tells you.  I am a fan of intervals, so I was excited to see what a guided class would feel like, rather than me just screwing around on the treadmill myself.

At first, there was a lot of confusion as to what channel to hook up to, what time the class started, and getting on a couple of good machines.  Once we got all squared away, the instructor guided us in the basic terminology and how the class would go.

It was challenging, it was tough, and it was so much fun!  Time just flew by.  We played with speeds, with intervals and it was nice to really get into a groove and let my legs go.  Before I know it, I had three miles (plus the .75 I got in before we actually started) in and the class was wrapping up.

Note to Self-iPhone+Treading pictures=poor quality.  Notice Katye's crazy ponytail, even in the blur!

Proof of a good work out.  I am a sweaty beast glistening goddess!

I really enjoyed the treading class.  I think it will be a nice addition to my training schedule for the Marine Corps Marathon (YAYYYYYYY!!!!), so thanks again to Katye for the guest pass and introducing me to this awesome class!!!

Happy Running!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Like I said

Like I said, the MCM registration is tomorrow.

I just checked out their website to confirm what time it starts tomorrow.  This is what their page looks like right now.

Clearly, they are expecting heavy volume (read early sell out) tomorrow. Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

When it rains

Yeah, I know.  Its been a while.  You know how they say, when it rains, it pours?  I kind of had a stressful last couple of weeks.  Issues resolved (mainly, my car and headlights that didn't work and figuring out alternate transportation) and life is back to a pretty normal routine.

Tomorrow is a big day.  Sure, its just an ordinary Wednesday to most, but to some, tomorrow is huge.  Registration for the Marine Corp Marathon opens at noon.  You know, this little race in DC that I hope to run with 30,000 of my closest friends.  My second marathon--seriously how cool is it that I can say that.  I have already run a marathon-I know what to expect, what to prepare for and a lot of the nerves should be gone!

Sunday, in an effort to bring running to the passenger seat (a follower sent me an email and use that quote--I liked it so much I had to steal it) I had plans to meet with Liz and Katye at noon for a little 10 miler--no biggie, right?  It was a nice 10 miles too, even if the bulk was spent walking and catching up.  (side note--I took my new Mizuno Alchemy's out for a spin and I am sad that they were a huge fail--I returned them and ended up in my trusty Brook Trance once again--so pretty).  We followed up our gab fest run with a tasty pretzel from Auntie Annes and decided we were still chatty hungry, and decided to get a late lunch instead.

As if that weren't enough, I ran Monday and then again today!!  Seriously, I must be ready to train.  I did some speed work on the treadmill and it felt great to just let my legs fly.  I felt like a lot of the stress, frustrations and pain I have been bottling up for the last several weeks just pour out of me (literally--I was a sweaty beast at the end).

So, back to this whole marathon thing.  I am really attempting to eat cleaner and more healthfully for my marathon, but I am totally clueless and so not savvy.  Any of you health nuts out there have any suggestions or tips for me?  What is the one thing you guys can't live without during training aside from cupcakes?  What do you try and avoid?

Ok, sorry for the really scattered post.  SOMEONE (aka Katye) has been dropping hints that I should start posting again!

Happy running everyone and remember, TOMORROW (Wednesday the 23rd) is registration for the Marine Corp Marathon.  Its going to sell out fast, so if you want plan to run it, sign up right away!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Race Schedule for the Year

First, thanks for all your wonderful, supportive comments on my last post.  The running/blogging community is incredibly kind, supportive and overall awesome.  You should totally pat yourself on the back!

After Disney, I realized I was only signed up for one race fo the year.  Seriously, what gives?  I decided to sit down and think about what I wanted to run for the year.

First, the race I was already signed up for was the MD Half, which was my first half marathon.  Last year, the course was SUPER hilly, the day was humid and rainy and it was HARD.  Seriously, wanted to cry and give up.  They moved this course year, and are tweaking it constantly to make it flat.  I HAD to sign up.  I have a shot of redemption, plus, my friend Mel signed up for it too, so it should be a lot of fun.

The Broad Street Run (10 Miles--at a slight decline the whole way) is another race I ran last year and decided to run again, and luckily registered early because it sold out in three days (last year, I registered about 5 weeks after it opened--what gives?!?).  A bunch of people that work for my company's office in Philly run it every year, so I was happy to become part of their tradition.  Hopefully it will not be in the 90's in early May again this year!  This was one of my favorite races from last year, so I am really looking forward to it again.

Last year, I ran the Zooma 10K in Annapolis and really enjoyed the race and the course (seriously, Annapolis is BEAUTIFUL) but struggled during the race because of really hot and humid weather (it was 87 at the 7AM start with about 98% humidity).  Instead of running for redemption, I decided to sign up for the Half Marathon that runs at the same time.  Super excited for this.  Seriously, its going to be an AMAZING RACE (and my friend Mel is running this one with me too).

I am hoping to run the Army Ten Miler again (it was a great race--and I felt amazing while running it),  Registration opens in April, so fingers crossed I can get in before it sells out.

Where is my marathon, you ask?  I really, REALLY want to run the Marine Corp Marathon this October.  the MCM10K was my first real race, and it got me hooked on running.  Registration opens on the 23rd of this month.  I am noticing races selling out faster and faster, so luckily I will be off of work that day (recovering from LASIK surgery--woohoooo) and will be able to register as soon as it opens as well as a few of the other people I am roping into it.  I am not even gripped with fear thinking about it--but more excitement!  If for some reason I get shut out, I will probably run the Baltimore Marathon instead.

I am sure smaller races will pop up, plus I am think about the Baltimore Ten Miler, the Baltimore Women's Classic, the Run to Remember, Dreaded Druid Hills and a few others.  These are my notables.  And dangit, I want to improve on my redemption races.

So, I am sure in a few months, I will be wondering what the heck I am doing, but for now, this is my plan and I am super excited.  Now, to get a good training plan in the works.  TMB--I may be hitting you up soon!

Happy Running Everyone!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lessons learned during a marathon and applied during a difficult time

Hello out there bloggers!

I know, it’s been a while since you have seen me. Post marathon, I was dealing with one pretty big life change that affected my whole life and I put running in the back seat.

My husband (ex, estranged, whatever) and I have decided to separate and file for divorce. It’s not an angry divorce; there is no ill will between the two of us. We simply became two different people who grew apart over the 8 years (5 of marriage) that we were together with too different end goals to make it work.

I have spent the majority of my adult life (we met when I was 20—I am 28 now) with this person, so even though I knew we were making the right decision, dealing with the decision was difficult at first. We had a house to deal with, we had bills to deal with and we had a life that we needed to separate into little compartments. I had to find a place to live and uproot my comfortable life.

I was dealing with this for a long time leading up to my marathon. It was a distraction from my preparation, to say the least. I didn’t have time to worry about finishing or injuries because the decision and actions of our separation had taken over my life. I was too focused on “what do I do now?” to focus on anything else.
 I ran my marathon and when I finished, I promptly burst into tears. I am sure some of it had to do with relief of finishing, but the majority of it was me realizing just how strong I really am, both mentally and physically. It was empowering to me that is/was not going to define me. Sure, I am getting a divorce, but hey, I am a lot of other things, a marathoner included.  If I can mentall get through 26.2 miles of being on my feet, I can surely handle anything.

So, even though running has taken a backseat in my life, it's still there, ever present and increasingly more important. It’s helping me define myself, discover myself and improve myself. The revelations I made while finishing my marathon went a long way to help me heal from the shock of the decision and fear I have regarding my future.

I kept telling myself during the marathon, just one foot in front of the other, take this step by step, especially through some difficult miles. This has become my mantra in life lately, although my steps are getting longer and faster and I am finally looking ahead of me instead of behind—and I am happy with where I am heading.

Last depressing post, I swear!!  I am back into training starting today, so less of my personal life, more of my running adventures to come!

Happy running everyone