Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  For some reason, when its time to get a new shoe, I think I should try something other than my trusty Brooks Trance.  I tried the Asics Kayano with mixed results (very cushy, not the stability I need).  I went back to my Trance.  When those were on their last leg, I decided to try the Mizuno Alchemy.  I took them for a 10 miler on Sunday and boy, my ankle was bugging me.  Weird.  I took the shoes back to the store, went through a custom insole and shoe fitting, and guess what.  I was back in my Trances.  Those shoes in a wide + a custom fit insole = happy feet on Erin.  I ran in them yesterday in my treading class and had zero ankle pain.  Lesson learned, Brooks.  Lesson learned indeed.
Dear Trance, I promise to never doubt our compatability again.  With Love, Erin

2.  The Marine Corps Marathon is 90% sold out.  In the first hour, over 12K people registered--no one I had so much trouble getting registered (I was stuck in a meeting until 12:30---boooo).  How awesome is that?  I am super excited for this race.  Not only are some really awesome bloggers running it, the president of my company is signed up, plus an old friend from HS that I reconnected with on Facebook (seriously, is there anything better than facebook) is signed up too.  If all that weren't enough, my parents are coming from Iowa to watch me.  Have I mentioned how much my parents rock?  Because they totally do.  I am excited to run through DC and VA and be a part of the people's marathon.

3.  My sister just got the iPhone on Verizon and we have been able to Facetime a couple of times.  Her 2 1/2 year old Audrey is super cute.  She gets up close and says "Auntie E, how did you get stuck in the phone?" and will give me kisses, hugs, high fives and knuckles through the phone.  I love how technology has really made it easy to be close to my family, even if they are 1400 miles away.  Its nice to know that I am able to be visible to my niece even if I can't see her all the time.   

Happy Thursday and Happy Running everyone!


Katie said...

I do not mess with my shoes anymore. Saucony Kinvara. That is it! I even order the same color every time!

the dawn said...

i do the same thing. i always doubt my shoes and i always come back to what works. so glad you got in the mcm!!! so fun!

Teamarcia said...

I do the same thing with shoes...I stray then return. Glad I'm not alone in my madness.
Yay for Marine Corps!

Karen said...

I quit changing up my shoes, too...I just go with what I know works! lol Hope you have a great weekend!! :0)