Thursday, February 3, 2011

Race Schedule for the Year

First, thanks for all your wonderful, supportive comments on my last post.  The running/blogging community is incredibly kind, supportive and overall awesome.  You should totally pat yourself on the back!

After Disney, I realized I was only signed up for one race fo the year.  Seriously, what gives?  I decided to sit down and think about what I wanted to run for the year.

First, the race I was already signed up for was the MD Half, which was my first half marathon.  Last year, the course was SUPER hilly, the day was humid and rainy and it was HARD.  Seriously, wanted to cry and give up.  They moved this course year, and are tweaking it constantly to make it flat.  I HAD to sign up.  I have a shot of redemption, plus, my friend Mel signed up for it too, so it should be a lot of fun.

The Broad Street Run (10 Miles--at a slight decline the whole way) is another race I ran last year and decided to run again, and luckily registered early because it sold out in three days (last year, I registered about 5 weeks after it opened--what gives?!?).  A bunch of people that work for my company's office in Philly run it every year, so I was happy to become part of their tradition.  Hopefully it will not be in the 90's in early May again this year!  This was one of my favorite races from last year, so I am really looking forward to it again.

Last year, I ran the Zooma 10K in Annapolis and really enjoyed the race and the course (seriously, Annapolis is BEAUTIFUL) but struggled during the race because of really hot and humid weather (it was 87 at the 7AM start with about 98% humidity).  Instead of running for redemption, I decided to sign up for the Half Marathon that runs at the same time.  Super excited for this.  Seriously, its going to be an AMAZING RACE (and my friend Mel is running this one with me too).

I am hoping to run the Army Ten Miler again (it was a great race--and I felt amazing while running it),  Registration opens in April, so fingers crossed I can get in before it sells out.

Where is my marathon, you ask?  I really, REALLY want to run the Marine Corp Marathon this October.  the MCM10K was my first real race, and it got me hooked on running.  Registration opens on the 23rd of this month.  I am noticing races selling out faster and faster, so luckily I will be off of work that day (recovering from LASIK surgery--woohoooo) and will be able to register as soon as it opens as well as a few of the other people I am roping into it.  I am not even gripped with fear thinking about it--but more excitement!  If for some reason I get shut out, I will probably run the Baltimore Marathon instead.

I am sure smaller races will pop up, plus I am think about the Baltimore Ten Miler, the Baltimore Women's Classic, the Run to Remember, Dreaded Druid Hills and a few others.  These are my notables.  And dangit, I want to improve on my redemption races.

So, I am sure in a few months, I will be wondering what the heck I am doing, but for now, this is my plan and I am super excited.  Now, to get a good training plan in the works.  TMB--I may be hitting you up soon!

Happy Running Everyone!


Katie said...

I am probably going to run the Zooma 1/2 too! A friend of mone wants to run it as her first 1/2, so I may join her . . . but the weather WAS miserable last year for it! I did the 10K too and was so glad that I did not have to run 13.1 in that heat.

ms. caboo said...

That heat was a killer last year here, too. My first half marathon of the year was in May and it was super hot and humid. I felt like crap.

Congrats on getting your races figured out. It sounds like you'll have one heck of a busy year.

the dawn said...

wow, what an awesome year of racing!! so excited for you!

Karen said...

FUN YEAR! You have a bunch of fun races planned! :0) Good luck with training!