Thursday, July 22, 2010

Three things thursday

1) never underestimate the power of the ocean. While attempting to kayak on two separate occassions, I got tossed and banged up. I give ocean--you rock!!

2) I have never had to deal wit concuscions (pardon the spelling). My 22 month old niece fell last night and spent five hours in the emergency room ( she is fine thankfully). Today, my husband took a golf ball in the noggin ( it was a blind shot for the guy) and he is at home with a concuscion ( but is ok) too! And I am supposed to be the clumsy one!!

3) I need to start bringing a scale with me on vacations! I have been running, but not enough to work out my delicioUs meals!!!

vacation is almost over :(. I head back Saturday and I am sooo not ready for reality!

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Anonymous said...

oh goodness I hear ya!