Thursday, April 1, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  Its a beautiful day here in the Baltimore area and I am stuck in an office.  Boooo to that.  Luckily, the week is wrapping up and the weekend is looking to be fabulous!  I am going on a run after work with a lady from my office building.  She is just easing back into running, but I have convinced her to sign up for a few races with me already!

2.  I have signed up for some more races. 
  • June 6-Zoom Annapolis 10K.  My goal for this race is to get my 10K about an hour.  I am no speed demon, so this is high hopes for this slow poke!
  • October 24th--Army Ten Miler (registration just opened today with a capacity of 30,000 runners; as of two seconds ago, there were only 7500 spots left--last year it sold out in 4 days!  If you want to run this race, I recommend registering now!).  I want to kick tail in this race and cut down my 10 miler time.  I am shooting for a 1:40, but would be giddy with a 1:35.  Again, for a slow poke like me, that is something major!
I have a huge gap for my summer, but I figure there is some time to figure out what I want to do.  If you know of some good races in the Baltimore/DC area, let me know; I have some free weeks to fill!

3.  I only have 45 days until graduation, which really only means about 38 days of class work left.  FINALLY.  Working full time and taking a full course load over the last two years has been exhausting, but its almost done and will payoff full time.  Next up: trying to sit for the CPA right away (I have all the credits and meet all the requirements) since its changing at the end of this year.  YIKES! 

Happy Thursday to everyone!!


epicourtusf said...

Congrats on your upcoming graduation!

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Whoohoo on registering for Zooma! That will be my first ever 10k. (I have no idea what my goal time will I have a couple of friends who registered for the Army 10-miler too. Congrats on your graduation. It's just around the corner.