Friday, April 2, 2010

Single Digits

Last night, I had my first run in since my 10.5 miles on Sunday. After discussing my injury, options, and what I should ask my orthopedist on Monday, my father in law suggested naproxen (Aleeve) instead of Advil for the pain and inflammation, I finally felt the pain was manageable enough to take a jog with a friend from work.

We headed out to the BWI Trail and only planned for a couple of miles, which worked well with the suggestions from my father in law and was good for my friend since she was just starting to run again. We ran at a conversational pace (I have never tried to carry on a conversation while running since I run solo) and it was so nice to have a leisurely run. I usually just do training runs, and while I enjoy that, it was nice to take it easy and just enjoy being outside (75 and sunny) and the company. We took a couple of walking breaks because of my hip (grrrr) but it was good run to ease back into it after a few days off.

I am excited because I have training buddies now! My friend and her husband are both signed up for the Army Ten Miler (approximately 1500 spots remaining—they are going fast registration is now closed! 30,000 spots filled in TWO DAYS) so we have planned to go for runs to various trails twice during the week, maybe once on the weekends. Some other girls from work might be joining us during our weekly runs, which is really exciting too!! Even better news; my husband is planning on running with me on his free nights from class during the week (husband works full time during the day and attends law school at night) and on the weekends!! I am excited to start getting all these people together to do something that I really love.

I am hoping to get to Charm City Run this afternoon to get a gait analysis and look at some new shoes. Hopefully, Katye and I can finally meet up and go out for a test run in my new shoes!

There are only 9 days until the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. We are getting into the single digits now and I am so excited and nervous at the same time! The extended weather forecast looks awesome for race day so keep your fingers crossed for the 66* and partial cloudy day.

Hope you all get to enjoy some beautiful weather this weekend and get some good runs in!


epicourtusf said...

That's awesome that you get your husband to go with you! I try to get my boyfriend to go but he will only go on the weekends so I'm solo during the week :(.

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Motrin and I have become BFF's over the past few months. :)
I think it's awesome you are gaining lots of running/training buddies! Seems like it makes all the difference in the world. said...

thats awesome he is going to run with you!