Thursday, April 8, 2010

It has been a while

Hi there. Remember me?? I kind of disappeared off the face of the (blog) world for a while. The last week has been overwhelmingly busy and I had to prioritize. Unfortunately, the blog was on the bottom of my list. Fear not, bloggers, my training did not make it to the bottom of my list. In fact, after my husband, work, and school work, training made the list and has been in full force even if I had to skip my long run over the past weekend. Honestly, I was not sure if my hip could handle it. I am a bit disappointed, but I figured my body could deal with some rest for a weekend. I did nothing but locked myself in the house to work on 4 major projects that are all due SATURDAY (well, I did some reading on my back porch for a couple of hours). 3 down, one left to wrap up—I need a break!  I also decided to give up soda and its been a tough few days--i usually depend on that caffeine for energy (coffee is an AM thing) at night to keep my attention on my schoolwork!

On to the hip—I had my appointment on Monday and the good news is they did not see any fractures on the x-rays and after poking and prodding (ouch) and bending my leg in various directions, the doctor was about 95% sure it was bursitis. The bad news(sort of—its probably unnecessary at this point)—she would not give me a cortisone shot without having an MRI to make sure it’s not a stress fracture. I have an MRI scheduled tomorrow and a follow up with my doctor immediately after—but she has told me I am ok to run on Sunday! The best news though is that with rest and a healthy use of Aleeve, my hip pain has subsided every day, even with running!!

Team ELK (my two running buddies---our names start with an E, L, and K) had our inaugural run yesterday and tackled just less than 4 miles. Sure, a small amount of walking may have been involved, but each one of us is at various points in our training, so we are trying to get to a comfortable pace. Tonight will be the second running of the ELKs and I am so looking forward to it. I think it helps my training since I am somewhat competitive!!

In three short days, we will have run the Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race. It’s so hard to believe its almost here!! I am just a big ole’ bundle of nerves thinking about it right now. Good luck to all those running, especially Katye, TMB, Kristen, her friend Gewn and good luck to Jamie on the 5k! Kick some tail, enjoy the race and I can’t wait to hear about all of your experiences and personal records!!


Puddles of Run said...

Thanks for the shout out love! I can't wait for Saturday!! I am pretty nervous, but we are going to do great:)

kilax said...

I am happy to hear you got the go-ahead to run! Good luck at the race! said...

hope the race went well!