Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Minute I Realized

Following my longest training run (at the time), I had two of the besties over for dinner and a New Moon viewing party since the husband was out of town.  We ate a healthy dinner, enjoyed some fabulous homemade apple crisp (I had to get some calories after my run afterall) and some nice girl talk.  The talk soon went to my training, all the running I have been doing and my various aches and pains.  After watching me hobble around like an old woman (my feet were bothering me too, but its more a result of how I run--on the outside of the balls of my feet--honestly, the heels of my shoes have ZERO wear on them) both friends were concerned that I needed to take some time off and not run for awhile.
The idea made me fairly anxious; but not in a "oh gosh, how will I lose weight" kind of way, but more of "you want me to take a break from my best friend?"  I used to grumble about running, now I literally count down the minutes until I can hop on the treadmill or made it to the trail.  I smile before, during and after my run and I dream about it.  I can't stop talking about it and how great it makes me feel.  It hit me like a brick--"I was a runner."  I was certifiably, 100% in love with running!  It feels soooo amazing to say that.

So it pains me to say that after my run Sunday, I took yesterday as a rest day, and skipped out again today (per the husband's instructions).  The hip is pretty stiff (I can't even sleep on my left side) and I am a bit nervous about my doctor's appointment on Monday.  I hope I can either get the bursea drained or get a shot to take down the inflammation; anything but "don't run for x weeks." 

I have had bursitis in various parts of my body before and I wonder if maybe my shoes (and my funny running style) is the culprit.  I am going to head to a Charm City Run this weekend and hopefully do a new shoe fitting and find out if there is any shoe out there that can fix my goofy, former sprinter run!  As much as I love my Brooks Trance, we may need to break up; they may be more harm than good to me!

I had to share these pictures.  My husband often remarks its amazing that I have only broken my ankle ONCE.  Pardon the crappy iPhone pics.

The only part of my shoe with any wear.

Other than being dirty, the heels of my shoes look almost new!  They have approximately 250 miles on them.

On to better news!  I convinced a girl from my office to go for a jog/walk with me on Thursday!!  She has already run a half marathon, but made a cross country move and stopped running.  She is looking to ease into running again and run some races with me, so I am thrilled to get in some miles with her .  Any interest in making the trek down here Katye??

I hope you are all having a fabulous Tuesday.  Can you believe tomorrow is the last day or March??


runninaround said...

i actually might be up for that! we are off school thursday and friday for easter (gotta love being at a Jesuit school). What time/where? and you might want to look into newtons. they are made for mid and forfoot stikers. I ended up with a pair and since I'm not a natural fore foot striker I'm easing into them. just a thought =)

runningwithsass said...

yay for finding a running buddy! that's great! hope the hip pain goes away

kilax said...

My shoes are the exact opposite - no wear on the front ;)

YOU ARE A RUNNER! Yay! I love that feeling too - that powerful feeling I have after a run. That is what makes it so hard to take a break. Listen to your body. It will be worth it!

Charm City Kim said...

I remember when I fell in love with running too! Such a great feeling (and I also recall getting anxious anytime I had to miss a run or how absurd I thought taking it easy was).

As for your gait - have you ever considered getting orthodics? I overpronate and during my marathon training, it definitely contributed to my ITBS. I got fitted for orthodics and LOVE them.