Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Bloody Sock

I decided this morning that I would head out for a long run. I had not been running much because of this stupid hip pain (which is still there, but less noticeable) and yesterday I promised my husband I would play golf with him. I had hoped to go out with Katye, but the timing just did not work out (hopefully Saturday though). This run was full of first for me though, and you get to hear about them.

Getting ready to head out. Cute, right? I took a page out of Racing With Babes and rocked some awesome socks. It was only 55 out during my run, and they helped me stay warm throughout (even though a woman did ask me why I was running in casts).

• I ran 10.5 miles. Ok, ran/walked. But I did it, with a minimal amount of whining (probably because I was by myself) and I was still standing at the end. This is the farthest I have run to date and I am darn proud of it.  Its also my first time hitting double digits in my run!

• I ran with a water belt on. BEST INVENTION EVER. I was not dehydrated this long run, there was no looking at astream with ideas of drinking from it. It also has a nifty little pocked on it where I could put my cell phone, some cash, lip balm and my driver’s license. I did not notice the belt bouncing around at all, so I was pleased with my clearance purchase ($15.74).

• I had my first bloody sock.  It was not soaked, and there was not a lot of blood, but it happened. About 5 miles into my run, I thought my heel was bothering me, but I just kept going and tried to ignore it. I can home and found that had a huge raw area on that had bled through my running sock, my tall sock and onto my shoe. I am going to try some moleskin on the area of my shoe that bugged me on my next run to see if that will help. It made me feel pretty hard core though!

The Bloody Sock--I guess it's not as impressive as Curt Schillings?

This run was pretty hard for me, and I wanted to quit. I wanted to call my husband and tell him to come get me. My hip was bugging me, it started to rain and I *may* have cried a little thinking about the distance remaining. But I sucked it up, told myself I was not a quitter and that I could do this, and I did. I finished and I felt great knowing that I never gave in or gave up even if it was not the most successful run ever!!

I have figured out that my Nike + is not that accurate on miles (it told me I did 12 miles) so I will skip guessing on the splits. 

This is the map of my run.  There is a slight difference in distance because of my starting point and a detour that is not factored in.

I am finally feeling more confident and comfortable with the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler. I only have 2 weeks left and I wish I had a bit more time, but since my run today, the idea of ten miles (and double digits) is not so daunting. I am not as worried about the sweeper bus picking me up during the race for not keeping pace and having to ride to the finish line instead of running. YAY for confidence building!

I probably will re-evaluate my goal of finishing sub 2 hours. For your speedy people out there, I am sure that seems silly, but knowing myself and what I have found myself to be capable, I am going to say a 2:05 to 2:10 is more realistic for me. Still, nothing to be ashamed of because I will be running 10 miles!!

Does anyone have a hard time trying to balance life around running?  I work, I go to school, I train and I am married.  Sometimes, I think my husband feels neglected when I go on long runs without him, and I sometimes feel like I struggle to get it all done.  Does anyone have any recommendations on how to make it all fit??

Any Marylanders out there planning on going to Preakness this year?  OAR and the Zac Brown band are on the infield!  The husband, my sister and I are all going (its the day before my graduation from UB--could be dangerous!)

How was everyone's runs this weekend?  Did you have a great weekend?  Do anything fun?


runninaround said...

Ok huge accomplishment. Now you know you CAN complete the full 10 miles! I think you will dominate them. And I think your goals are awesome. Plus, race day adrenaline will kick it. And I only do two of the things on your list...go to school and run. And I still have a hard time balancing life so yall with so much on your plates amaze me!

kilax said...

Congrats on the 10.5! Now it is taper time...

Your 10 at the race will be so different because you will be surrounded by people. You are going to do great!

What water belt do you have? I need a new one - mine is too small! I bought it hastily and am regretting it. I should have purchased a bigger size.

Ugh. I struggle to make my husband not feel neglected when I go out to run. Last summer, I tried to wake up before him to run, but then I was just drained all day. Now, we run together, but I never know how long that will last. I guess... just communicate! See what he prefers and tell him what you prefer and see if you can meet in the middle.

Erin G said...

@ Kilax - this is kind of like the water belt I got
mine is slightly different (not mess in parts, has a light up around the top of the triangle) but overall its the same thing. Its a one size fits all. and can be adjusted easily while on the run.

And thanks for the suggestion on balancing my life! It gets so hard! And thanks for the positive encouragement.

@Katye--You do a lot more than just school and run!! And you seem to manage it with a lot of grace:)

runninaround said...

I work at the one in Timonium which I know is a bit of a hike for you but Marie is awesome and I'll be there with her on Friday is you by any chance stop by =)

jamie @ sweatyhugs said...

Awesome job on the 10.5! You did it! I'm sure that was a huge boost of confidence for you going into CB. (A little less than 2 weeks away!)

I have a really hard time trying to balance running! I'm married with two VERY active kiddos and I work full-time in D.C. (horrible commute). Sometimes getting on the TM at 5 a.m. or after dinner is my only way of fitting in a run.

I've never been to Preakness!

runningwithsass said...

your blog, good job on the 10.5 miles!
hhmmm does your husband run? can you get himt o go with you?