Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And it happened

Ok, I admit it.

I have not been training like I should. Or much at all, if I am being completely honest.

I was derailed by the snow, then vacation, then midterms when, as much as I hoped it would not happen, WHAM, I got sick. In class on Monday, I was tired. I could have put my head on my desk and slept until 6 in the morning (and we had to watch a snoozer film about Emily Dickinson—seriously did not help matters) and I noticed a sore throat starting. I preemptively went to bed early on Monday, hoping some sleep to curb the sickness. I woke up Tuesday worse than I felt Monday night. I went to bed at 9:15 last night, and still woke up with a darn sore throat, congestion and feeling a bit fuzzy in the head. Yeah, that person who was so happy about not getting sick and the wonders running has done for her a few weeks ago totally forgot about it and ended up getting sick. :(

My body does not ache, so I am going to attempt to run after work, even if I just take it slow and easy. I have just over a month until the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler and while I know I can do it, I am just nervous about actually doing it. I want to run sub-two hours (yeah, I know, I’m slow—but slow is the new fast, didn’t you know?!) and I do not want to finish dead last! Time to kick it in to high gear this next month and get out there.

Upcoming race schedule:

3/14/10 - Shamrock 5K in Baltimore MD – would like to run a 34 min 5k (shut up, I know I am slow!)

4/11/10 – Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in DC (goal is sub-2 hour, even if it means 1:59:59)

4/25/10 – Pikes Peak (10K) in Rockville MD (goal is sub 1:10—ideally 1:07)

5/2/10 – Broad Street Run (10 miles) in Philadelphia, PA (called the fastest 10 miler in the country, so I am hoping to come in around 1:40)

After these races, I am not sure about what I will do next. I would like to run the Baltimore Half Marathon in October and participate in the Marine Corps Marathon 10K again, but those are in the fall. I need to get my stuff together and find some good races over the summer and get myself registered.

Anyone have any good suggestions or are you running these races?


runninaround said...

YAY finally another Maryland Blogger! Where do you live (sorry to be creepy). Anywhere around Baltimore? I'm so happy you are running the Shamrock 5k! It's such a blast and a pretty much all downhill course (great PR course!). We should meet up. And I'm so jealous you are running the Cherry Blossom! I want to do that one so bad! Thanks for stopping by! I'm throwing you on my blog roll

Erin G said...

I just found your blog the other day and was excited for another Baltimore runner! I am just south of the city in Anne Arundel county-where are you? I am game to meet up after the shamrock too! I was so excited to get into the cherry blossom--I was shocked our group of 6 got picked! I am jealous you are doing the pincess half-I am doing it next year! I am adding you to the blogs I follow in a few!

Charm City Kim said...

I'm on the fence about the Broad Street Run. I LOVE Philly and have heard the same thing about that race so I'm definitely intrigued.

I just haven't really been running since the marathon (and injury) so I'm nervous! But good luck to you!

(and there's nothing wrong with being slow - as a slow poke, I like to think that "slow and steady wins the race"... or at least finishes!)

Erin G said...

@ CCK -- I kind of got roped into the Broad Street Run by the President of my company. He, along with several people from our office there are running it and they pulled me in.

If you decide to do it, let me know. Apparently, there is a big party in the parking lot of our office following the race with beer and food (probably some vegan stuff as well :)) to be had by all! I can understand your hesitation coming off an injury though; I hope you might be able to make it though!

And I have to agree---I may be slow, but I will finish (even if I am dead last)

Laura said...

Check out - she's a runner and I think is still in DC (though I know she's in the process of moving). She may have some good race suggestions!

Also, want to come run either the National Half Marathon in DC or Shamrock Half Marathon in Virginia Beach, the weekend of March 20th?

Laura said...

I'm doing the full - would love to meet up!

I'm holding off on any marathon plans after my finish in June for now, though I'm sure I won't stop!


I running Cherry Blossom too! It will be my first 10 mile race!