Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowy weekend

Sometimes people just make your day. Wednesday, I went for my long run for the week (since I knew this weekend would be out--we are having ANOTHER blizzard here in the DC/Baltimore area with 20 to 30 inches, expected, possibly more in certain areas). I had a nice 4.5 miles in in 47 minutes (which is REALLY good for me) and once I started to cool down and walk, the girl on the treadmill turns to me and says, "I have no idea how you are able to do it, but it really impresses me!" We chatted a bit, and it turns out she was just starting to walk and add some running into it, and I assured her it would get easier, and eventually parted ways. The unexpected compliment had me floating on my way out the gym and I felt great. Beyond the runner's high great, but more of a "wow, someone is impressed by me?

Thursday was another great day. A coworker brought in some recycled clothes (3 girls and I exchange clothes since we all seem to be within various sizes opposite of each other) and our VP said "Are you bringing those in because she has lost so much weight?" So, people are recognizing but not saying something (which I understand--weight is a sensitive issue, sexual harrassment, etc). I took the bag of clothes, checked out the loot and started to think about what I started out when I started this weight loss journey and where I am now. I have lost--drum roll please--40 pounds. Seriously, that is huge. Its 160 quarter-pounder burgers, its 80 sticks of butter (ok, even when I think of the weight I lost, I think in terms of food). Sure, this journey has had some ups and downs, some yo-yoing of weight, but its still something to be proud of and realize that what I am doing is paying off. The last couple of days really affirmed that for me!

I am preparing to be stuck inside for the entire weekend. Its been snowing heavily for a while and shows now signs of letting up. I am going to have to turn on the exercise TV and do a few classes in the living room to get a good workout this weekend. If you are in the Mid Atlantic area, be safe this weekend!!! I just have to say, my vacation to Puerto Rico is only 14 days away and I think after this storm I will be more than ready!!


Sheryl said...

Wow, 40 lbs. That is seriously AWESOME, Erin! =) Congrats!!!

Erin G said...

Thank you Sheryl. 20 more to go and I will be at my goal. Fingers crossed I can do it before the end of the year!