Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Road to..

Hell a marathon is paved in good intentions.  I started off last week really well.  I ran every day.  Thursday, I could feel the back of my throat getting scratchy and my head started to pound, but I was able to pound out 4 miles.

Friday, I woke up, and Holy Heck, was I getting sick.  Vice squeezing my brain, sore throat.  Its my sure fire sign that something bad was coming.  I was super disappointed.  I was supposed to go out with friends to celebrate a birthday and I was going to see Katye (both of us would be in normal street clothes too!). Somehow, I managed to pull through the day, take a quick nap and had an enjoyable evening with some old friends and new one as well.  If you are from the Baltimore area, check out Alewife.  The menu, while small, is full of tasty items and the selection of beer is impressive. I have been there twice, and nothing I had was bad (though I LOVE their duck fat fries and buffalo chicken soup!).  We also saw Mr. Greengenes, a great cover band that plays the area a lot (and any time I have seen them has been free!).  It was nice to see Katye in a non running setting, and we had a great time, great laughs, and a few sangrias.

Perhaps that was the problem though.  We stayed out until about midnight, and I wasn't in bed until almost 2.  I woke up and felt like death warmed over.  I was too dizzy to try and run, so I ran a few errands, ran home and tucked myself into bed. Sunday, I woke up and worse than the day before!  Come on!!

Tuesday, I finally felt human enough to try to go for a run, and had a pretty successful 4 miles on the treadmill.  Wednesday, I tried to brave the 95% humidity at 9PM for a run, but it was short.  Tonight, I will attempt another 3 miles after the sun sets (yeah, we are having that nasty heat out here too).

I am excited because I have a new running buddy who has decided we should be accountability buddies too. I sure use this blog as a forum for my own accountability, but I am looking forward to having a friend out there that I won't be slowing down.  We are going to attempt 5 miles on Saturday at 7, and I have started to prepare my will now!

How is everyone's running going?  How are you dealing with this unbearable heat?    Do you have a favorite band you like to see?

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Happy Running!

6 comments: said...

this has been a horrible summer for running. hang in there, it will get better!

glad that you're feeling more human these days :)

Katie said...

Wish I could say I have gotten out in this heart or at least to a treadmill, but I haven't. I ran on Monday and have done other workouts since, but no running. I do not like treadmills!

Anonymous said...

ugh yesterday the heat index was 113! guess i picked a good week to be completely hulled up inside. ick!

Wendy said...

I've been busy and using that as an excuse, but it's time for me to get some miles in on a more regular basis - my bf and I signed up for the San Antonio Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon in November! (You thought about that one any more?) :)

Thanks for inspiring me with your dedication - I will make a point to get out there early, late, whatever I need to do!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

having a good running buddy is such a great thing!! The heat definitely takes a toll on marathon training, but way to go

Anonymous said...