Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last night

I planned to blog last night, I really did.

I left work and went for a nice, easy 4 miles.  All was well until about 15 minutes into the run.  My gym was EMPTY (out of 30 treadmills, 3 were in use).  When the gym is that empty, I make every effort to put a buffer between everyone else working out.  I am sorry, but my personal space bubble is slightly larger than others.  I like my space.

I have seen this girl before and have run on the treadmill next to her before when the gym was packed and there weren't any others available.  With a TON of empty treadmills, you have to imagine my surpise when she picked the one right next to me.  RIGHT NEXT TO ME.  LIKETHISCLOSE.  Really?  REALLY?

Listen, I am a sweaty beast when I work out, even when its an easy workout.  Why on earth would you want to get next to this red faced, sweaty girl when you have plenty of options available down the line?  Every time I sped up, she did.  Every time I increased my incline, she did as well.  For 10 minutes, then she was done.  Guess she couldn't hang with this awesomeness!

Am I the only one that picks what machine is most isolated and uses that?  Its not the first time this has happened, and its surely not the last time, so while annoyed, I was not too worked up about it.  She didnt reek of perfume or smoke, wasn't singing (though she runs very heavy--clomp clomp clomp) so its not like its that big of a deal (thought she didn't wipe down the machine) but I am just curious.  Do you just jump on a machine at the gym?  Do you evaluate where there are less people and select based on that?  Do you have any rules you would like to put on an unofficial list of treadmill (or other equipment)?

After my 4 miles were done, I headed to one of my best friends' house to check out her new babies. :)  Her twins (just released from the NICU 4 days ago) were two of the sweetest, tiniest little nuggets and i just was able to love on them all night.  Surely you can understand WHY my blog was neglected after that :)

So I know I promised you my outfit for the MCM. 

Here is the shirt:
At the suggestion of a friend who has run the MCM several times, I am putting my name on the front of my shirt.

And I always tell people I shuffle instead of running.  LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem has become a favorite of the summer, so I figured it was a nice marriage for the shirt (and a little inspiration from Jamie's Facebook helped).

Couple this shirt with a yello running skirts skirt, I think I have a cute, bright and appropriate outfit.  Any thoughts?  Suggestions? 

Happy Running everyone!