Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1--Iowa Hawkeye Football starts in 9 days.  9 DAYS people.  Seriously--I could not be more excited!!!!  Lets hope a win over OSU is my birthday present this year!

2--I have 12 miles planned for Saturday.  Hopefully Katye does not need to carry me the last 3 miles of the run!!

3--Fall is almost here.  Seriously, I can not be more excited.  Cute clothes, cute colors and cooler (better running) weather.

Stay tuned--I'm sure there will be plenty to say about this 12 miler this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Yay to all three! I LOVE fall! well until day light savings makes it dark at 4 pm. But I loveeeee fall!

the dawn said...

i also feel fall creeping in from every direction and it makes my heart sing with joy! i love the colors changing and the crispness in the air. i love wearing jackets and scarves and layers. its all so fabulous!

Mari said...

Hope you had a great long run! I set out for a 12 miler yesterday but the hill work killed me... it took me 1:13 minutes to run a 6K (and I'm a 9-10 miler). I had to take breaks to catch my breath, ended an 8 mile run with wobbly legs :).

Thank goodness I love runners high. I also can't wait for fall!