Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Have a plan, will train!

Yesterday, I embarked on Day One of Week One of my Half Marathon Training plan written for me by TMB Endurance Training.  3 miles at 80%?  Sounds easy enough.  I set out after work (heck, I worked LATE to try and let it cool down--in case you have not heard, its a bit of a Sauna around here), with an air quality alert to AVOID stenuous activity (woops!!!) and temperatures in the low 90's.  Luckily, I was armed with my Nathan Quickdraw Handheld water bottle (I LOVE this so much more than my water belt), sunglasses and plans to run a pretty shaded trail.

I started out, and the heat was not really an issue.  Aside from worrying that every branch, crack or spot was a snake, I was enjoying myself.  I had to SLOW myself down a few times were I noticed my pace was creeping up to my tempo pace (that's Wednesday's run).  It was an enjoyable three miles that i wrapped up in 37 minutes, and I was super glad to head mostly downhill at the end of the run. I treated myself to a Rita's ice after the run (what, I had to hydrate!!) and headed home REALLY pleased with my first run of the training plan.

I have avoided cross training for most of my training, but I am starting to realize how important it is.  I fought the urge to run (weird to say that!) and decided to head to the gym (it was 100 when I left work) to get in some miles on the stationary bike.  How people can do this for any extended period of time, I really can't figure out.  I managed to get out 10 miles of hill work at a medium level and I was bored to tears.  What is your favorite cross training? 

So, as you may have previously read, I have signed up for TNT (feeling generous?  Go here--I am going to match donations contributed by an individual--for every $5 donated, I will donate $1 of my own money for the first $1000 donated!) and I am currently signed up for the half marathon (disney--yay) but I am really starting to consider attempting the full instead.  It would be either my fourth half or my first full.  I am tenatively running the Philly Half in September and the Baltimore half in October. Depending on these races, I will make my decision on the full.  All you seasoned runners out there--is it feasible to go from a half to a full in about 2 months?  Is this idea good in real life, or just my crazy head??

Happy Running everyone!!


Tricia said...

very exciting!

the dawn said...

favorite crosstraining? Jazzercise! don't knock it till you've tried it :) cardio, strength training, and stretching all in a 60 minute class. no thinking no wandering around a gym wondering what you should do.

Patricia said...

The Break Your PR plan over at http://www.marathondominator.com is the best marathon training program I've yet seen. You should check it out. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

you can definitely do the full! There is absolutely nothing like finishing your first marathon with TNT. Seriously, nothing is like it.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

My favorite cross-training is riding my bike on the trails which must be about 100 times more fun than riding a stationary bike!

Karen said...

Hi there! I just found your blog! I'm running the Disney Full! I ran the Disney Half last year. To train before the Full, I'm running the Wine and Dine half in Disney in October! :0) You'll do great! Best of luck in training! I'm also an Oncology Nurse and I love running for a cause! Thanks for giving back!!! :0))