Friday, May 13, 2011

Making it rain

So, I bought a groupon a while ago for this great gym that Katye goes to that offers the amazing treading classes.  And I totally got suckered into a membership.  I got free enrollment and 10 free ½ hour sessions with a personal trainer.  Luckily, I still have my handy student ID (shhhhhhh) and got a discounted rate because of that.

I am super excited because this gym is AWESOME.  Great equipment, lots of great classes and lots of perks.  I am excited to work with my trainer too (I specifically asked for a mean one) and developing a training plan outside of running that will really help me meet my various goals for my upcoming races.

Last night was my first night of my membership, so I decided to test out the calf and give treading a try.  It was great.  There was a far less annoying instructor (there is one girl who talks ALL THE TIME) who likes to kick you butt with some serious incline intervals.  I took my speed down a bit so I would not be pushing my calf speed wise, but I turned up the incline (hello, 12%) and had a killer workout.  Seriously, at one point, I kept feeling water splash me.  Oh, that was sweat flying off my crazy pony tail.  YUP.  I was drenched.  Thank you, treading class J

It’s hard to believe that my half marathon is almost here.  Seriously, how in the heck did that happen?  Here is a few things that I am not thrilled about with the race.

First, this week has been amazing here in Baltimore. Clear, sunny and overall perfect.  So, it would make sense that on race day, the forecast looks something like this.

Jealous of my mad paint skills, aren’t you?

Just for giggles, here is the course map and the corresponding elevation chart.  Lets hope I don’t drop dead. 

I am pondering my outfit.  I ran this race last year (it was my first half marathon) so I was thinking about busting out last year’s shirt (that doesn’t break any race day protocol right) and my red and white mini dot skirt and my black CEP socks.  Sounds cute right? 

I am excited because I am going to have an on course cheering section.  My awesome (and preggo—sorry A—totally stole your thunder in the blog-o-sphere) is going to come out and cheer for her husband and me J  Have I told you how much you rock??  Because you totally do.

OK folks, I am off.  Gonna get myself all prepped for Sunday!  Happy running!

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