Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I was tagged by the lovely Katye to reveal 7 random facts about me.  You are all just dying to find them out, right?

1. I grew up with vegetarian (pescetarian to be exact) parents, in Iowa of all places. My mom (who grew up on a chicken farm) and dad (who got extremely ill from meat) were always nice enough to cook meat for my siblings and me. I did not realize adults ate meat until I was about 10 or 12. I ended up marrying someone who is a total meat and potatoes guy.

2. My husband’s father was my sister in law’s father’s doctor (did you get all that) when he was going through dialysis. My brother and sister in law were not dating at the time and this was before I moved to the east coast and even met my husband. My sister in law recognized his last name and put the two and two together.

3. I am extremely sensitive to noises. I have great hearing, which can be such a pain. I live in a townhouse and can hear my neighbor’s fan going, fighting, etc. I can usually hear even with earplugs in.

4. I worked at a drive in diner all through high school. No roller skates, but I have had plenty of food trays fallen on me because people rolled their windows all the way down.  And there was nothing like the pervs who used to come to the diner in the rain to get the teenage girls to wait on them.

5. I am deathly afraid of snakes and heights. Crippling, paralyzing and irrational. I can’t even watch snake shows on TV because I start shaking and freaking out. I have to cross draw bridges to get from my house to my work. I have been stuck on a draw bridge for two hours and cried the whole time.  It only gets worse as I get older

6. My oldest niece (7) tells me I am her best friend and favorite aunt (no, I am not the only one). It’s probably the best thing anyone has ever said to me in my entire life. I live to spoil all four of my nieces and nephews.

7. I am obsessed with General Hospital and I have no shame about that. I would LOVE to just one day work with the writers, visit the set and get in one scene. Sure, it’s unrealistic, the plots are super twisted and real people don’t behave that way (or I would hope not) but its my guilty pleasure. And when my husband thinks I am not watching, he watches it too.

I know I am supposed to tag 15 of you, but I am still getting to know you all through your blogs.  So, if you are a follower, consider yourself tagged!

Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

my three year old goddaughter tells me I'm her best friend and says "I'm so glad you're my big sister". I'm not her sister but I love her just as much as if she was. It makes me so happy =) she and her brother are my little princess and pumpkin and i give them everything they want =)

Evolving Through Running said...

That's one of the better 7-things lists I've seen - interesting stuff!
Your sensitivity to sound reminds me of my wife's sensitivity to smell. I keep telling her that she may actually be a superhero, but we're having a hard time figuring out how to harness that power for the good of mankind.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

ohhh i hear you on the noises! ticking clocks or anyone tapping makes me want to leap out a window

*Whitney* said...

My oldest niece (she's 13) told me that she wishes I had off work during the summer so she could come live with me. I asked her why she wanted to live with me for the summer and she said it was because I'm the coolest aunt and so much fun to be around. That made my day!

Anonymous said...

I HATE SNAKES! seriosuly petrified, so i totally understand your fear!