Monday, May 31, 2010

8 days ago

Its hard to believe I finished my first half marthon 8 days ago.  Even more shocking; I can't seem to get my body to run.  I have tried to run, but it seems that forces in the universe have wanted to stop me. 

Since the race day, I have been dog sitting my cousin's wonderful, three year old yellow lab with an abundance of energy.  I figured some runs with Turbo Tail (my affectionate nickname for him) would help his energy at night, but he does not want to run.  He wants to walk and sniff, until about two miles into it and then I drag him the whole way back.  I tried to run on the treadmill, but again TT made that plan go awry as well.  He tried to get on the treadmill with me when I decided to run some quick intervals.  After he flew off the back (completly unharmed-yes its ok to laugh) I decided running on the treadmill would not work.  

I met with Katye Sunday morning to try and get some miles in but my ankle was still bothering me from the race (GRRRR--after talking to another person who ran the race, I realized that EVERY turn in the race was a right handed turn and my right ankle is the one that hurts)!!  I walked it out and was glad for the company and awesome conversations (and whole wheat pumpkin muffins from Wegman's YUMMMM) and even have to laugh about the turtle we saw ans saved from a potential bike accident on the trail (seriously, universe you are FUNNY; the irony was not lost on this turtle was out of place on the running path!!!).

Right now, I am sitting, again frustrated after a failed attempt at running.  I want to go.  My ankle felt fine!  I want to feel the way my body cuts the air and humidity but something is stopping me and I can not figure it out!  I came back after a disappointing mile and subjected myself to lunges, squats and Jillian Micheals (yelling at her on the TV made me feel marginally better).  I am at a loss now.  Am I really walking around in the same body that carried me through a half marthon??  My legs felt heavy and I just felt sluggish. Seriously, what gives?

Sorry about the gripe, but I needed to vent.  The husband does not get it at all, so I turn to you in the blogosphere.  Has anyone ever had this happen?  I suppose its all in my head, so I am just going to attempt to turn over a new leaf next Monday after the Zooma Women's 10K and my dog sitting duties are over.  Until then, poor Turbo Tail wil have to keep up with my 5 mile walks after work!! 

In much happier news, I FINALLY ordered a running skirt last week.  Thanks to Tricia and her refund code, I got a nifty 15% back and felt better about a little bit better about what I spent on them!  The Pink Polka Dot Skirt should be here before the 10K and I plan to look cute and bright, if not fast!!

Just remember, today is the last day to enter my giveaway.  You have until midnight tonight and I will have the winner announced by 12:00 EST June 1st.

I hope you have all had a great long weekend.  Happy running!


CinciMom11 said...

How frustrating! I'm a new runner, so I have zero advice. I hope your ankle feels better soon!

ms. caboo said...

I can tell you from experience that this is normal--listen to your body and take it slow. You put all your energy into that race, and now your body needs a break. Trust me, you will get back your running mojo in no time! Sometimes your body just doesn't want to run!

Good luck on your next race!

the dawn said...

there are so many things that can cause the joy of running to ebb and flow...the weather, the routes, the races, the (fill in the blank). you'll be surprised one day when you wake up and you have the urgency again. it's scary though...when you think you've lost the will to run...but trust me, it comes back. all is not lost. you will run, and you will find that joy in running once again!

Berryfine said...

Erin G! It took me almost 2 weeks to recover from my half marathon the first time and even CONSIDER running again. In fact, I think I took the month to do all kinds of cross training. Every body needs its recovery time and you can't rush it. Pushing yourself to run before you are truly ready may actually be more harmful mentally and physically.

I think it is AWESOME that you wanted to get back out there immediately. Give it a little more time and you'll be back out there slicing through the humidity with no problem!

kilax said...

It's funny how our bodies talk back to us after we run those races... give it time... even though it is super frustrating!